Unleashing the Power of Immersive Experience
Simulation learning models real-life environments and conditions as accurately as possible. Moreover, simulations can be used to analyze and safely experiment with different TTP and COAs. Collective, effects-based dynamics of groups of learners can influence the outcome of simulated missions. When available physical equipment is insufficient to support demand, training programs can be supplemented by simulation components to enable:
  • Most efficient use of available physical resources
  • Increased annual throughput of learners
  • Higher quality hands-on time with physical equipment
  • Inclusion of various operating conditions into training
  • METT-TC parameters to be easily changed on-the-fly
Previous Simulations
Advanced Marksmanship Techniques Course (AMTC)
This course is designed for the Army Special Operation Forces Soldiers, entities that require education and training for the operational or tactical employment in which shooting skills and a working knowledge of advanced marksmanship planning and execution is required. This courseware is built entirely in 3D game engine playable via online and mobile devices.
AN/TRC-170A(V)3 Troposcatter (TROPO) System Simulator Course
This simulator is designed to train U.S. Army signal soldiers in operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the upgraded radiowave communications system.