Successful businesses know that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) equips functional managers with the advanced decision-making and execution skills they need to excel as multifaceted leaders. You will emerge fully prepared to take on greater cross-functional responsibilities, facilitate change and innovation, and, ultimately, drive improved performance throughout your organization.

Federal Workforce LDP
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ACLC works in partnership with George Washington University (GWU) to deliver customized organic leadership program. GWU offers one of the most comprehensive, customizable executive leadership programs in the nation drawn from some of the top management consulting firms and business education programs internationally. Currently, GWU provides accredited leadership development and executive leadership programs to various federal and state agencies.

Our Solution to Current Challenges

Organizations face a number of complex challenges in the current market place...challenges ranging from cut-throat competition, to organizational change. Workforce Management and Development is effected by the full gamut of these challenges, and now the collective leadership must be prepared to accommodate the current and future landscape.

Creating and executing a viable workforce management programs that will enable agencies to do the following:

  1. Recruit, hire and retain top talent
  2. Develop mission focused, results-driven leaders
  3. Hone, and enhance technical skill sets in the workforce
  4. Create a work environment that provides job satisfaction and employee engagement to increase the productivity of the total workforce

It seems a natural solution however, there's an added challenge to implementing this type of solution. Most organizations do not have the organic resources to design and develop a program that incorporates the instructional design and academic rigor required to be effective. The solution is often to contract the development out to "experts". The problem with that approach is the result is usually a semi customized product that is an ad hoc collection of training components that were not designed to be used together. Then the implementation is directed by a vendor that has a cursory understanding of the organization's needs but not a full commitment to the organization's goals.

We propose that the only way to achieve the desired outcome is to augment your organization experts with expert Instructional Systems Designers and Developers. Unlike vendors who develop and deliver, ACLC can provide resources to help your organization build its own agile, and organic workforce development programs. Unlimited by specific project scope our designers and developers are a part of your team. Daily interaction, proximity and team work allow ACLC to adjust with the needs of the organization whether that means a short turnaround development requirement, a change in policy or technical innovation that drives and operational or procedural change. We are there to provide top quality professional services to meet your organization needs. And because our approach is to embed our experts in your team, Your experts always have the lead in guiding and directing the content development for the most effective and relevant programs.